Where do I enter?

Go onto www.gtr.co.za on your computer or phone and click on ‘Enter Virtual Race’

How do I pay?

When you complete your entry online you will be check out with your credit card.

My card doesn’t want to work online, how can I enter now?

The race office can help you do a manual entry – just email admin@gtr.co.za for assistance.

OR fill in the spreadsheet at the display and do an EFT payment (or card if available).

I ordered a medal/buff/both – when do we get it?

You will receive a SMS after the 31st August to collect at the chosen area (Middelburg Info/Highveld Mall Info Kiosk).

If you opted for courier it will be sent from Monday 31st.

Please note availability and/or delivery of ordered goods will take up to 3 weeks after the event closes on the 31st August. Participants will be notified by SMS when it is ready to be collected and/or dispatched.

Can I send someone to collect on my behalf?

Yes, the person just needs to bring a copy of your id

Can I enter more than 1 distance/event?

Yes you can choose to do more than 1 event for example: 5km run on one day and a 15km cycle/run on another day.

The only rule is that you complete the entered distance in 1 go.

When do I get my race number?

Immediately after entering you will receive an email with your race number and instruction on how to track your race.

How do I track my race?

You will be sent detailed instructions when you receive your race number. You can also download Strava or Endomondo from the app store.

Using a tracking device:

1. Find your favourite Running/Cycle-course.

2. Run with your own watch or tracking device that supports export of GPX / TCX file format.

3. Download the GPX / TCX file when you get home.

4. Upload the file hereand select the “My Time” button.

If you have a Strava or Endomondo account you can connect it after you have clicked on the “My Time” button. Then you can get the session from Strava or Endomondo and you do not have to upload your GPX / TCX file.

Running without a tracking device (Manual upload):

1. Find your favourite 15km Cycle-course.

2. Click hereand select the “My Time” button.

3. Select “Self-entered time entry” and submit your time manually.

Check the results here or in the UltimateLIVE app (downloadable from Google Play or Apple App Store). It will update 2-3 minutes after you enter your time.

Please remember that you can update your entry from your entry profile on this link any time. This includes changing of your distance entered.

I paid for a temporary license – where do I get that?

If you have purchased a temporary licence and you would like the physical number please contact the race office at entry@gtr.co.za or admin@gtr.co.za. We allocate a number to you internally – It is not compulsory to wear it when doing a virtual race.

When do we see the results?

Results will update 5min after you uploaded your time

What is the entry fee?

R60 for any of the races (included virtual medal and certificate)

Collectors Medal R40.00

Buff R60.00

Or both medal and buff R90.00

Postage R80.00